Living Trust Bequests

“No One Is Useless In This World, Especially One Who Lightens The Burdens Of Another.” – Charles Dickens

Living Trust Bequests

Donating and giving to charity is always essential and once you’re dead, it is important to leave a legacy which lasts. The good you do in this world will be returned tenfold to you in heaven which is why altruism is such a godly quality. Another way in which you can continue doing the Lord’s work is by ensuring that your donations are still continued, even when you have left this earthly world.

The Importance of a Bequest

Establishing a living trust bequest or a personal will is a good idea, especially since it offers peace of mind in the thought that you will be aware of how your personal assets will be distributed. By being prepared, you avoid intestate. This term refers to the demise of someone who passes away without leaving a will. Without it, their worldly possessions are given to others as the law sees fit.

A living trust bequest works like a will, allowing you to have control and directive regarding your personal wishes. Through a bequest, you can dictate the following aspects of your life after death:

  • Distribute cash, personal property, investment profits and more to family and loved ones.
  • Assign real estate to your heirs.
  • Make donations to your charitable interests through gifts of a lifetime.
  • Reduce the overall taxes and costs associated with estate settlements.

Make sure that your loved ones and all your charitable interests are well looked after by getting a living trust bequest. It safeguards your rights and ensures that your wishes are followed and respected, even when you aren’t there.

Making a Bequest to Us

Centurion Education Foundation also accepts charitable donations and inclusions in living trust bequests. All donations and gifts given to us are used to spread the truth and Gospel throughout the United States and around the world. If you want your donations to help pave your road to heaven, make a donation to us. Donations accepted by us can be made in the following manner:

  • Designating a specific amount that will be transferred to your charities such as Centurion Education Foundation.
  • You can also donate personal assets, such as real estate, valuables and artwork to an institution as a charitable gift.
  • Designate a portion of your estate for charitable purposes.

Work with Centurion Education Foundation to spread the light and truth of the Gospel. By lighting the path of others, you ensure that you continue to reap what you sow, in this life and the next.

We Can Help

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